The campaign will start where the movie left off. The players will be “SG-1”! So none of the TV series happened or is cannon. There is much in the game that is influenced by ideas the TV series presented, but it is the players who will determine how the game and the SGC evolve.

(Side note: This will be the second run of this campaign with a new set of players. Our old game ran for three+ years and was insane amounts of fun for everyone. I can’t wait to see what crazy things this next set of players will come up with.)

The tentative schedule is every other Friday or Saturday. This is flexible depending on the players.

Player set up should start with the infamous character concept page. Don’t start with rolling dice or choosing a character class. Come up with a character concept and flesh it out a bit. You also don’t have to try and copy any of the TV characters. The previous group only had one character close to a TV persona only because the archtype is fairly generic. This player had the best and most complete backstory which really made fitting them into the plot one of the easier threads of the game. I will say that there are no Jaffa in the beginning of the game. That may come later depending on how the game develops.

Stargate SG-1 RPG

Corwynnde Sahdesmith