Stargate SG-1 RPG

Back to Abydos
Hope you like sand!

After some initial investigation it is determined that the gate to Abydos is back online.

The team sent the MALF through the gate and determined that the gate room seems abandoned, though there are still inhabitants as one possible gate sentry is spotted in the downloaded MALF video data.

The team launches a catious mission to determine if Daniel is still alive and what the status of the inhabitants of Abidos is. Decided protocol is for the team to be on their own for three days. Exactly three days later they are to be ready for the gate to open and either go back to Earth or let SGC know that they need to stay for an allowed three days more. Should the mission fail SGC is planning to shut down the base’s gate permenately.

Roughly half a days march on foot through shifting sands gets the team within sight of the city of Nagada. Rather than march right up to the gates the team camped out and let the representatives of the city come out to meet them.

They quickly determine that Daniel is alive and basically in charge of the city. There have been no return visits of Jaffa or Goa’uld. They have only recently unblocked the gate in preparation to explore possible gate addresses found in a chamber in a nearby temple complex.

Stargate - Eugene (Season One)
Getting the game in gear, finally!

A mystereous dig in the Antartic turns into a deadly trip to an unknown planet.

The return trip nearly ends in disaster as unexpected moves by elements within the Cheyenne mountain base are narrowly blocked.

A new team is formed to begin investigating events that should not have been able to take place with a supposedly non-functioning gate.


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